Build a Case After Your Injury

Build a Case After Your Injury

Work with a construction accident attorney in Sacramento, CA

Construction sites are often full of safety hazards. Whether you work in construction or were simply walking by a site when injured, the construction company or property owner could be at fault. A construction accident attorney from Jacobs Law Group will help you understand your rights.

We take on a variety of construction accident law cases in Sacramento, CA. All you have to do is explain your situation. Our lead attorney will give you his undivided attention and use over three decades of experience to help you plan your next steps.

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You have rights as a construction worker

Construction accident law doesn't just protect bystanders or passersby who are injured on construction sites. Construction workers can also seek compensation by working with the right personal injury attorney.

The California Workers' Compensation Act protects the thousands of construction workers who are injured on the job each year. Under this, you can receive compensation for your injuries even if you were at fault. However, there are limitations. You need a seasoned construction accident attorney to help you understand the law. That way, you can get the compensation you deserve.

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